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A Home away from Home

Short Term Accommodation in South East Queensland

NDIS supported Respite Holidays

Looking for STA Accommodations in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast?

We’re here to support you.

We understand that the need for short term care can arise suddenly and for a range of reasons.
Short Term Accommodation services, also known as Respite services can strengthen a family’s ability to care for a family member with a disability and stay together as a family. That’s why we offer quality, short term accommodations in a comfortable and relaxed 5-star environment where your loved ones or participants will be well looked after. Our welcoming respite, short stay accommodation homes are a relaxed stay for people with a disability for a night, a weekend or a week or two.
Our STA homes will be ready for rent from early in 2021 so please let us know exactly your requirements – locations, facilities etc so we can cater to your needs.

Our STA accommodations in South East Queensland (Brisbane, Sunshine Coast
and the Gold Coast) will be available from early 2021.
We are looking for interest in our new properties in advance so we can ensure your
Participants requirements are catered for.

A short stay in a property with another person or alone.
Stay for a night, a weekend, a week or longer.
Assistance provided for personal care, meal planning and cooking, medication, and recreational activities.

Coming soon…

We have STA accommodations coming in the first quarter of 2021 in the following locations:

STA Accommodations Sunshine Coast

  • Apartments suitable for one carer and up to two participants in close proximity to the beach and all services
  • Canal-front house suitable for one carer and up to 4 participants

STA Accommodations Daisy Hill, Brisbane

  • House suitable for one carer and up to two participants

STA Accommodations Gold Coast

  • Apartments suitable for one carer and up to two participants in close proximity to the beach and all services

What is STA?

With the choice and control offered under the NDIS, participants have a greater range of providers and types of services to choose from that offer respite to carers and participants. Respite care is seen by the NDIA as central to the participant as family and carers are recognised as playing a very important role – that of informal support.

Respite support can be in the form of informal care from friends or family (which is not funded by the NDIS) or formal care through paid in-home services or accommodation-based services (which is funded by the NDIS).


The NDIS price guide states that ‘from time to time, participants may require temporary supports that are different from their usual arrangements’, although there is currently there is no item listed under NDIS specifically as ‘respite’. Funding however is available, but in terms such as:

  • Short Term Accommodation & Assistance – Facility or residential based stays for short periods of up to 14 days at a time
  • Assistance in self care overnight – in-home respite
  • Alternative family care: family and friends may be able to help with caring responsibilities while the primary carer takes a break.
A short stay away from home:

  • gives the participant the chance to try new things
  • can be a place to make new friends or develop new skills
  • may help to maintain the participants current living situation by giving their informal supports a break.
  • Short Term Accommodation may suit your participants needs if their usual support network isn’t available for a short period.
Short Term Accommodation includes:

  • personal care
  • accommodation
  • food
  • activities

The NDIS funds up to 28 days of Short Term Accommodation per year, depending on your participants plan. STA funding can be used flexibly. For example, it could be used in a block of up to 14 days at a time or for one weekend a month. Our STA respite care can be arranged for a day, overnight, a weekend, a holiday or longer – for up to 2 weeks, depending on the carers and participants needs, eligibility and what services are available in the local area.

Our STA accommodations in South East Queensland (Brisbane, Sunshine Coast
and the Gold Coast) will be available from early 2021.
We are looking for interest in our new properties in advance so we can ensure your
Participants requirements are catered for.

What does our STA include?

Specialised around-the-clock support staff as required
All meals and personal care. Wifi/Netflix/Xbox
Activities to suit the participant including local attractions, movies, sports, concerts, theme parks
Accessible transportation to and from the participants home to the STA property.*

* Within a 100km radius

Our Services

Our Short Term Accommodation can include short stays in a 3 bedroom house or unit, with up to two participants sharing the accommodation along with an onsite carer. Our trained support staff will make sure all support needs are met.

This could include:

  • Nutrition
  • Meal planning and cooking
  • Personal care such as showering and dressing
  • Taking medication.
  • Outings


Our accessible accommodation options come with 5-star facilities, and with ‘High Physical Support’ and/or ‘Fully Accessible’ amenities. The bedrooms have private ensuites and shared access to kitchen, dining, and lounge areas.

Short Term Accommodation & Assistance can also provide your participants with the opportunity to meet new people and try new experiences as they explore the local community.

We provide a variety of ‘themes’ for your participants short break depending on the location. These short breaks could include visits to theme parks, festivals, concerts, sports events or shows.

Whatever your participants goals are, we aim to ensure they have access to a number of programs so that their short Respite break offers them a happy enriching holiday experience.

What we provide

We provide respite care for NDIS participants as per the need of these individuals and their families.
We give carers a break looking after their loved ones with safe and quality supports to meet their needs.
Our Short Term Accommodation (Respite) provides Participants with proper care, support, and comfort.
We keep in mind the fact that every client comes to us with individual needs and we are committed to providing them to meet their expectations.

Our Aim

We aim to provide disabled Australians with a home away from home where they can feel peaceful, protected, loved and important.
We also aim to provide their family members or individual carers with some time for their own recreation and other social involvements.
All our 5-star Short Term Accommodations are welcoming and well- equipped for people with disability. Our staff will also make sure your support needs are met.

Our STA accommodations in South East Queensland (Brisbane, Sunshine Coast
and the Gold Coast) will be available from early 2021.
We are looking for interest in our new properties in advance so we can ensure your
Participants requirements are catered for.

How does respite help participants and carers?

Facilitate time away from home, for example, holiday accommodation – local or out of your area
Support to get to important medical appointments out of your local area
Support to meet a recreational goal that you have may have
Support if your carers are going away for a short time to provide assistance with meals, exercise, everyday tasks and promoting for medication.

Our STA accommodations in South East Queensland (Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast) will be available for rent from early 2021.
We are looking for interest in our new properties in advance so we can ensure your Participants requirements are catered for.
Interested in finding out more about our Respite Accommodations?
Let us know how we can help you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does short-term rental mean?

Short Term rental provides people with disabilities with proper care, aid, and comfort. STA accommodations Brisbane helps people with disabilities and gives them time away from their homes or everyday living conditions. Short Term rental is a powerful tool in amplifying life skills, independence, and community access experiences. The loved ones are provided with care support to enjoy ‘me’ time in a secure and nurturing environment while the carers get a holiday. Short-term accommodations in relaxed and peaceful 5-star conditions deliver valuable and meaningful experiences that rejuvenate and revitalize the participant. Our house is suited for one carer and up to two participants.

Our rental is open at night or on the weekend, where the STA accommodations Sunshine Coast team does work diligently to give daily activity plans that meet the needs and wishes. Exercises are tailored to each person, and the person with a disability can choose any location and facilities that perfectly cater to their requirements.

What is short-term and long term rental?

It’s an all-around term covering various types of STA accommodations, Gold Coast support, and respite care. Short Term rental allows the person with a disability to partake in living away from home in supporting conditions for short periods. Respite supervision can be for a few hours during the day or for overnight or extended periods, like a few weeks. Our apartments are suited for one career and up to two individuals close to the beach, including all services.

We provide efficient respite care to all our guests, where you can get occasional care on a regular basis. Our short-term and long-term accommodations can take care of your loved ones. You can get respite care for any of you to use community recreational activities with quality accommodation & assistance. All our residential-based or facility stays for short or extended periods from 14 days till or for one weekend a month are always welcomed.

What is the main purpose of respite care?

Short Term rental delivers care that lets the participants and the carer with a much-needed break or a change of scenery. STA delivers all services to the person with a disability with accommodation in a suitable facility. If carers need to take an extended break or even a weekend getaway, our readily available respite care is the best option for their loved ones. This type of respite concerns a short-term stay in a disability group home, after which an individual can return home. The Disability Short Term Accommodation South East Queensland gives Personal care and support, even overnight support with food. The individual with a disability can access the planned activities, including local attractions, sports, movies, concerts, and theme parks you and the provider approve of.

What is respite care Australia?

When it comes to finding a sociable and dedicated team who can deliver a fantastic respite care Australia service, our completely qualified professionals are the experts you can count on. We can take over through our flexible respite care services if you’re presently caring for and supervising someone and desiring a break. NDIS short term accommodation providers care around the clock. Respite guests can partake in activities in the home and appreciate freshly cooked food.

Respite offers people with a disability to live alongside current residents, which fosters connections and guarantees they feel part of our community. The participant gets the rental facilities of 5-star and with ‘High Physical Aid’ and/or ‘Fully Accessible’ comforts. To ensure all requirements are catered to, our short-term accommodations in South East Queensland (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast) will be open to the public from early 2021. We will take care of your stay in advance if you are interested in the new properties.

How Many Hours Of Respite Care Are You Allowed?

When you book a Disability Short Term Accommodation South East Queensland for a stay overnight, for a few weeks, or longer, you can expect to be welcomed directly like a household member. Respite Care

is provided for approx 63 days/per financial year. This equates to 1512 hours of care per individual. The resident can extend the respite care funding by up to 21 days at a time with the permission of an aged care assessor. NDIS funds up to 28 days of Short Term Accommodation per year, depending on your participant’s plan. Short-term rental can be used flexibly to stay up to 14 days in a single time, for one weekend, or even a month. The Hours Of Respite Care depend on the caregivers’ and individuals’ requirements, eligibility, and services available.

Who pays for respite care in Australia?

If you have approved respite care in a residential care home, the Australian Government will subsidize the expenses. You will be expected to spend the price of your STA accommodations Gold Coast care if you can afford to. Providers don’t obtain a different allocation of residential respite areas. You must use a part of your residential senior care residences to provide respite care, known as respite days. To deliver proper care, the individuals get the support for the critical medical appointments out of your local area. The payment towards the booking fee reserve a period of respite care in the preferred home. The booking fee cannot surpass whichever is lower than a week’s fee for respite care. The 25% fee for the suggested period of respite care is another condition.

Do I need to pay for respite care?

Respite is a short-term vacation from caring provided by the NDIS short term accommodation providers. To pay for respite relies on the kind of break you require and your circumstances. The stay can be paid for by getting help from charities, local representatives, or benevolent funds, or you may be required to pay for care yourself. The respite care fee depends on the agency kind, your benefits, and how long you need it. Some long-term care insurance policies will help you pay for it, and Medicare may help. Inspect your policy to discover your out-of-pocket costs.